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Hainan Dongshan Golf Course – 18 Hole Golf Turf with Orchard Background!

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Hainan Dongshan Golf Course is built alongside the western shore of Dongshan Lake. This is an 18 hole golf club with orchard background. The Golf Course was designed by world famous Golf turf architect C.J.Tan of Malaysia, where you can see his signature qualities of architectural brilliance. The Golf course is also known as Hainan Dongshan Lake Golf Club which is located 30 kilometers south west of Haikou city.

The exemplarily design marvel can be seen the way how the 'fairways' are created here. All the fairways are aligned to free of sun rays obstruction whether it is morning or evening and put it on a 'north-south' orientation. The turfs are well maintained and specially cultivated by thick grasses which are locally available. Skillful drainage systems are incorporated in the golf course, so that the players can immediately resume their play even after a heavy rain.

Your playing skills are challenged

If you are familiar with Golf courses, you would know why this golf course track is different from ordinary ones. This 7,050 yard course is not being obstructed by natural botherations but the man made artificial ponds between the fairways, which are neatly covered by Par-72 18 hole one has negotiate with great skills. Your skills will be checked by the rigorous obstructions and to overcome with good score. The turf is further developed to look like moon-scape course by putting amble color sand dot in the entire turf and the bunkers are created in the shape of volcanic craters.

What is special about the Golf Course Turf?

The design features are used with the advance technology in creating the turf as well as the drainage system. Most of the natural Golf turfs are faced with this challenging task of draining out water after a heavy rain. This problem is effectively addressed by the perfect drainage system. As a result, the turf will be ready for usage immediately after a heavy pouring. These elements are considered as the distinctive character of Hainan Dongshan Golf Course!

This Golf Course Turf is very close to North Mountain Reservoir. The fairways are quite visible from very far and the untouched natural surroundings makes the player to take the advantage of the location to show case their playing skills. The obstructions that we could see in the Golf course such as the bunkers, ponds and trees are systematically laid out to challenge the player’s skills. Lots of variations are provided for the greeneries and are demarcated with the color of grass variations. These varieties of variations and the natural serenity of the course surroundings make the players very much enjoyable each and every moment they spend here.

Rates and facilities

The Club rent is CNY 100 per set. CNY 300 per person will be the accompany fee. Locker service will be complimentary. Cart and caddle is included in the fee. The package price is CNY 550 that includes green fee, caddle, cart and free insurance. There shall be no extra service charges.

Travel Tips

Thirty minutes drive can take you to the Golf Club from Haikou city. The Golf Club is very close to the Geographical Volcano Site and Wild Animal Zoo & Plant Area spread over 134 hectare land. Hey..wait a moment, plan your trip in advance!

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