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Grand Kumbum Monastery,Qinghai Province

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Located on the southwest of Xining city,Qinghai province,Kumbum Monastery is a Buddhist monastery part of the historical Tibetan province of Amdo.As the the best sight in Xining,Kumbum Monastery is considered as one of the six most important monasteries in the Lhasa area.

It was built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) by emperor Jiajing.The name of Kumbum has a meaning of  a grand place housing 100,000 Buddhas.Originally built on the birth place of  Tsong Khapa who is the founder of the Gelukpa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

Kumbum Monastery is constructed on a slight mountain slope on the edge of a wide valley.You can find a  number of grand architectures like different prayer halls, an exhibition hall, the monk's dormitories and various pagodas.Except the magnificent buildings,there are also 20,000 religious exquisite paintings and embroideries.

What you can not miss include Great Hall of the Golden Roof (Da jinwa si),Lesser Hall of the Golden Roof (Xiao jinwa si),Great Hall of Meditation (Da xingtang),Hall of Butter Sculptures (Suyou hua tang),the Propitious Pagoda (Ruyi baota), the Peace Pagoda (Taiping tai) and the Buddha Pagoda (Puti ta).

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