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Geological Palace Museum

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Geological Palace Museum was established in the year of 1952 in Changchun city. It is also known as the Dizhigong Museum. Initially, the museum was built as a part of the Puppet Palace in Modern China. Having been developed for decades, today it has been a famous geological museum in our country and even the Asia. Geological Palace Museum is famous for its rich collection, distinguished feature and precious cultural relics. The display area of this museum is about 1500 square meters. In the Science Gallery, there are displaying many history relics with high research value. Since the opening of this palace museum, hundreds and thousands of tourists have visited it. Deng Xiaoping, the respected and intelligent former state leader, has been to the museum to inspect.

Main attraction
Well-known for its rich assortments and unique relics, the Geological Palace Museum is one of the most renowned geological museums in China. Furthermore, it has a high reputation in Asia. The museum is divided into two parts—the science hall and the dinosaur hall. The famous Science Hall is sub-divided into several exhibition areas including the unique stone display part, the jade and precious stone exhibition part, the paleontology part and the mineral display area. Whichever exhibition area, tourists would appreciate a lot of meaningful things and learn much knowledge that haven’t know before.

Three grades of gems displayed:
Gem is divided into three grades, high, medium and low grade. The museum has beautiful gems which are rich and colorful and some have been processed into semi-finished products. High grade gems including sapphire, ruby, emerald gold and diamonds. The medium-low grade gems comprises of crystals, opal, aquamarine and so on. Sense of beauty, durableness and rareness are three features that gems directly reflect. All the three level gems are displayed in the science gallery.

Lava specimens:
There is also various lava specimens exhibited in the museum. The lava specimens come from Tianchi volcano which is also widely known as Changbai volcano. Apart from that, the exhibition hall contains deposits from cave, moraine, and mineral exhibition with a wide variety of full range of natural specimens of crystals, wind cave, rock pavilion show and much more interesting stuff.

Dinosaur Fossils:
Like most other geological museums, the Geological Palace Museum collects valuable dinosaur fossils. The dinosaur fossils seem to have a superior captivation for tourists, whoever comes to the museum, they would like to spend a long time on the dinosaur fossils area. In Changchun Geologic Palace Museum, there is a Mandschurosaurus amurensis Riabinin fossil which can be dated back to as early as 65 million years BC. Besides, there is the most faultless and valuable dragonfly remnant found in China to date, which is about 140 million years. It is very proud that the dinosaur hall also has rare dinosaur eggs fossils and footprints of dinosaurs and so on. It’s been quite some time since the dinosaurs have disappeared, but you travel back to the age of dinosaurs through visiting the dinosaur fossil exhibition hall.

How to reach:
You can reach the Geological Palace museum by taking bus No. 255 and getting on at the Library stop. The entrance fee of this museum is RMB 10p/p.

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