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Exuberated in the Fenglin National Nature Reserve

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Fenglin National Nature Reserve is located within the borders of Lesser Hinggan Mountains in Yichuan City, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. It's the only world biosphere reserves with forest type in North China. The main attractions of ecotourism are assembling a great many of distinguished and unobstructed views of the natural scenery and ecological science education into one whole.

It displays the classic and mysterious charm of the primitive pine forest. Fenglin National Nature Reserve occupies an area of about 18,400 hectares. This natural preservation zone is specially established chiefly to protect its thick virgin Korean pine forests, the last virgin forest in the region. It is more than 300 years in age with the biggest diameter of 1.4 meters and the highest tree reaches 37 meters.

The state-level natural protection area has the zonal vegetation dominated by coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests. Its main forest types include Korean pine forests, coniferous and broad-leaved trees and many more. Yet Korean pine forests occupy the biggest fraction in the total area. Korean pine forests remained fundamentally in its natural state, which without doubt makes the nature reserve become the famous home of Korean pine forests.

In the reserve, there are 568 species of agrarian plants, among which the Korean pine is a rare and precious species in the northeast part of the China. China's Korean pine is chiefly scattered in Lesser Hinggan Mountains and Changbai Mountains, while Korean pine in the nature reserve has a proportion of more than 80% percent of the total reserves in the matter of number and storage.

Korean pine tree is also a provincial tree species in the northeast woodland of our country. There's numerous shade-tolerant tree species available here, namely Spruce, Fir, Korean Pine and broad-leaved tree species. Some experts recommended that local people should reserve Korean Pine and broadleaved tree species in current mixed Larch-Spruce-Fir that might stand to develop towards deciduous Korean Pine forest. The forests in the region, with countless varieties of trees like Korean pine and larches, constitute one of the most important forest zones in China. The reserve has vestiges of Korean pine preserved in almost its original state.

The result shows that the forest vegetation in Fenglin National Nature Reserve has the typical characteristics of Korean pine mixed forest in the moist northeast China. Establishing nature reserves is a critical method applied by Heilongjiang to further strengthen ecological improvement and environmental protection work and implement the strategy of sustainable development. This is precisely why the nature reserve is not only rich in rare Korean pine trees, but also become the natural history museum and gene bank of species, which always exerted a strong fascination upon scientists and romantics alike.

Apart from its abundant Korean pine resources, Fenglin nature reserve also delights tourists with its fascinating scenic spots like the famous ancient faraway cliff. The cliff confused with errors and omission winds through about 2 kilometers. This allows visitors to experience walking through wilderness, hiking in quest of adventure and enjoying the changes in the geological environment. 

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