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Yining Transportation

Yining has convenient integrate transportation network in air, railway and road.

Yining has its own Yining Airport providing air service. Yining Airport is located only 3 kilometers away from the downtown area and has quite convenient access to. Though Yining only has flights to cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Urumqi, and Kashgar, it has become the second busiest airports in Xinjiang and has played an important part for the development of Xinjiang tourism.

Yining Railway Station is the second largest station in Xinjiang. It is located 5 kilometers northwest of downtown Yining. The station has trains to Urumqi, Wuxi, Shihezi, Shawan, Kuitun, Jinghe, Jinghe South, Nileike, and Buliekai.

Yining has the 216 and 312 National Highway running through, which makes it quite convenient from Yining to other Xinjiang cities like Urumqi and other cities.