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Qingdao Transportation

By air:

The main hub for Shandong Airlines is Qingdao Liuting International Airport.Qingdao is also a focus city of China Eastern Airlines. The flight paths linking Qingdao with Shanghai and Beijing are frequent.

Depending on the season, last minute tickets may be sold at discount, however this is definitely not the case during the busy summer months when buying in advance is even do not have to book the flight ticket to Qingdao ahead if you arrive in Beijing or Shanghai in the morning or in the afternoon.

Qingdao has flights to Hong Kong and Taipei. Asiana Airlines serves Qingdao twice daily from Incheon airport.International destinations include Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Seoul, Busan and Frankfurt. There is an Airport Shuttle Bus. Unfortunately, you need to make it clear where should you get on.

By train:

Located in No. 2 Tai'an Road,Qingdao Railway Station is near Zhan Qiao Pier.

Except for the trains that bound at Zibo, Yantai, Weihai direction, the rest all stop in Jinan which is the capital of Shandong province. You can find trains heading to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ji’nan, Taishan, Yantai, Weihai, Wuchang, Nanchang, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Chengdu, and other national cities.

Since the original EMU’s running time have been reduced from the nearly six hour ride down to four hours and twenty minutes.There are six EMUs (passenger trains) which run back and forth between Beijing and Qingdao originally which has added three more high-speed rail operations from July 1, 2011 onwards.

By bus:

Going by Qingdao public bus is probably the easiest way,if you are travelling from within Shandong Province.Especially now with the new excellent and fast expressways linking Qingdao with other cities in the province.

There are several buses per day from Jinan, Taian, Qufu, as well as Yantai and Rizhao on the coast. They leave from and arrive to the bus station just outside the train station, but also from the new bus station north of town, which can be reached by local trolley bus number 5 in 20 minutes.

By ferry & cruise ship:

Qingdao Development Zone and Qingdao Old City are interlinked by ferries and boats which mainly include routes from Huangdao ferry pier to Qingdao ferry pier, AnZi pier of Xuejiadao to Qingdao ferry pier and Qingdao Fushan Bay.

There are not only panoramic city sightseeing tour routes from here to My Island, but also tour routes to smaller islands such as Zhucha Island and Dagong Island in Huangdao.Cruise terminal in Laiyang Road is located to the north of the Naval Museum, operating many tour routes which go back and forth between Xiaoqingdao Island, Luxun Park, and Too Inner. And the other cruise terminal is located in the ZhongYuan Sea Square Xiling Road.