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Jiujiang Transportation

Jiujiang has a convenient transportation in water, train, air and highways. There are Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Tongling-Jiujiang Railway, Wuhan-Jiujiang Railway, and Hefei-Jiujiang Railway serve in Jiujiang city. There is the Jiujiang Lushan Airport located in this city.

As it is situated in the south of Yangtze River, Jiujiang has been an important port since ancient times and as the important hub of the waterway between the east and west, the transfer port for the south and north. As for road transportation, there are five important highways run through Jiujiang, including the Nanchang-Jiujiang Highway, Jiujiang-Jingdezhen Highway and the No.105 National Highway and No.316 National Highway. These highways form a large networ of roads for convenient access to other places.