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Burqin Transportation

As Burqin is the only way when travel to Urumqi, the provincial capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Burqin has quite convenient transportation.

Actually Burqin is quite conveniently to be accessed by air. As it belongs to the Altay Region, people can get to Burqin by airplane to Altay Airport then take bus to Burqin. Or tourists can get to Burqin directly by air to Kanas Airport which is located in the northwest of Burqin County, 75 kilometers away. This provides great convenience for people travelling to Kanas Nature Reserve.

There is Beitun Railway Station from Beitun City provides railway service to Burqin. It is located in the wild of Beitun City which will take 1.5 hours from the railway station to Burqin County. There are two railways stop at Beitun station, K9791 and K9792, and it takes about 12 hours to Urumqi. After the Beitun Station, travelers can take bus from Beitun Bus Station to Burqin, which only cost 17RMB. If renting a car to Burqin, the whole journey is about 80 kilometers and will cost around 40RMB.

When people travel to Kanas from Urumqi, Burqin is usually taken as the transfer stop. So Burqin has quite convenient road transportation. People can take bus from Xinjiang to Burqin. The whole journey is 750 kilometer and it will take about 10 hours.