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Shopping in Yichang

Yichang has abundant resources and there are many special local products like oranges, persimmons, Chinese gooseberries, tea, Chinese medicine herb, etc. The popular Wufeng Tea and Shaobing are very popular among tourists. You can go shopping at Yiling Square, International Trade Building, and Beishan Convenience Store.

Yiling Square
The center of Yichang, a Greenland covers 55,200 square meters. You can shop around this area.

International Trade Building (Guomao)
It is a 6-floor department store. On the first floor there is a huge super market where you can buy wine, food, and daily living goods.

Beishan Convenience Store
Yichang's 7/11 store. There is a lot of branches downtown, including one at Erma Road which is open 24 hours a day.