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Shopping in Qingdao

Qingdao has a moderate cost of living among cities in China. Shopping outlets in Qingdao offers specialties from include shell carvings, seafoods, Laoshan Yunfeng Tea (green tea), Tsingtao Beer, Jimo Rice Wine, Jiaozhou Bay Clam, Laoshan Rock and textiles. 

Preserved Seafood
Apart from enjoy freshly cooked seafood dishes, preserved seafood in bags are also abundantly available in specialty shops across the city.

Shell Carvings
With the hands of exceptional craftsmen, sea shells are carved into wall hangings and floor screens in vivid shapes of flowers and birds, figures, landscapes. Thanks to their expertise, the natural lustre and texture of the shell are well preserved. 

Jimo Rice Wine
Originating from Jimo County, the rice wine uses broomcorn millet, wheat koji and water as main ingredients. It features a sweet and mellow aroma and believed to help strengthen physique and boost mentablism.

Zhi (fat) zha (residue) is also called compressed meat which indicates its processing technique. Most ideal material to make Zhizha is marble meat to guarantee a chewy texure while still not greasy. Zhizha usually used as a flavoring to add umami to vegetable dishes.

Straw Palited Articles

These articles are usually made of natural rushes, corn fiber or paper strings; mainly in two categoties by function, sleeves for glass wares and other household wares such as cup mats, seat cushions, door mats, and storage boxes, etc.

Where for shopping?

Taidong Pedestrain Street
Add: between Yan'an 3 Road and Weihai Road
As the busiest commercial street in Qingdao, Taidong Pedestrain Street is famed for its night market and the hand paintings on the exterior of buildings along the street.
Business Hours: All day

Zhongshan Commercial Street
Add: Zhongshan Street, Shinan District, Qingdao
Description: Besides the businesses like China Made Products Co. Ltd., Hengdeli, Coastal Food Store, more shopping and recreational places have been built and opened along the street.

Qingdao Laoshan Department Store
Add: #65 Xiangyang Road, Qingdao
Tel: 7895183
Description: There are over 90,000 different goods available.
Hours: 9am-9pm

Licun (Li Village) Commercial Area
Add: Licang District, Qingdao
Description: a large-scale comprehensive commercial zone in Licang District with both traditional seafood products shops and chic shopping malls.