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Shopping in Jiujiang

As one of the port of the Yangtze River and has the large Poyang Lake in its territory, Jiujiang has a fertile land and rich water resources which have endowed Jiujiang with rich products. Jiujiang has been one of the four rice markets and one of the three tea markets a long time ago. Hence, when travel to the city of Jiujiang, there are a lot of local special products to buy, like tea, fish products, herbal medicine, bamboo ware, ink stone and so on.

Lushan Tea

Lushan Tea is produced from the famous Mount Lushan. This tea has a long history and gained the reputation as one of the Chinese ten best teas in ancient times. Its cool fragrance and ultra green color have been widely welcomed by people.

Poyang Lake Whitebait

Whitebaits from Poyang Lake is a kind of delicious food. These whitebaits are silver like jades with tender meat and rich protein. It could be freshly eaten or dried for later taste. Dishes made with Poyang Lake whitebaits are quite popular with local people.

Jinxing Ink Stone

Jinxing Ink Stone has a history as long as 1,600 years sought after by artists for their art working because of its fine structure and pure character. Its reputation is widely known by the promotion of Tao Yuanming who is a famous poet in the East Jin Dynasty in ancient China. Now it is considered as the best ink stone in China.

When you want to buy the above mentioned special products from Jiujiang, you can shop at the following famous supermarkets and shopping malls in Jiujiang:

Anmeida Supermarket
Add: Xiyi Rd, Jiujiang

Shijiliansheng Supermarket
Add: #9 South Taling Rd, Jiujiang

Penghui Supermarket
Add: #2 South Chaisang Rd, Jiujiang

Changlong Department Store
Add: #16 South Gantang Rd, Jiujiang