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Shopping in Jiaxing

The specialties like noncorneous water caltrop, Nanhu Crab, Wufangzhai Zongzi, Sauce Duck and Tongxianghang Baiju are best as gifts for family and friends. Silk and satin are the necessities to see here in Jiaxing. 

Jiaxing local and special products include south lake hornless water chestnut, south lake crab, Wufangzhai Zongzi, gentle Hangzhou white chrysanthemums, flat lakes poor eggs, Haining water-melons, stewed duck with bean sauce of tigers and township of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree.

There are many handicrafts in Jiaxing such as black pottery for handicraft, silk clothes, flat lake silk knit woollen blanket, Xia stone lantern, cut kitchen knife, indigo printing fabric ,etc. The leather of Haining and township of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree is the first-selection for shopping in Jiaxing.

The special products in Jiaxing

The water-melon of Pinghu

The Pinghu is the main producing region that plants water-melon of province of Zhejiang, already to cultivate water-melons had a history of more than 360 years so far, the detailed juice of a big flesh of flat lake water-melon known as " first melon of the South " is sweet. The Pinghu people is to pay attention to water-melon improvement and research of variety, so the water-melon of Pinghu enjoy high reputation for a long time. The water-melon is treasure of whole body, it except quench one's thirst, stop being hot, its medical value is very high too. There are more than ten kinds of medicines made of water-melon, the commonly used one is two kinds water-melon and frost and green clothing of water-melon. Water-melon frost can treat throat wind, throat itch, aphtha, swallow disease of aching etc.. Water-melon green clothing have, clear away heat, relieve summer-heat, quench the thirst diuretic function, can treat diabetes, essential hypertension .

Indigo printing fabric

Among the people, indigo printing fabric one printing stamp fabric by hand old in JiaHu Hang, it match with blue and white streaking, tone fresh, pattern honest, the craft is simple, it is convenient to draw materials, is welcomed by the masses. What the dyestuffs of the indigo printing fabric are used is the weeds among the mountains, what the thick liquid material is used is ordinary lime, so the cost is cheap, easy and simple to handle, and finished product and elegant in appearance, wash-resistant and durable, so it can be folk and big to spread lastingly.

There are unique thick liquid lines on the cloth at first, adopt done by hand all, the thick liquid line naturally esthetic having identical, print and dye and can't imitate for any modern advanced machinery. Secondly compare with strongly, in bright gay color. All indigo printing fabric, no matter how complicated the pattern is, only blue, white two colors; No matter what pattern it is, make up only with more rough point and stub, does not use the long lines definitely. Adopt the lucky pattern extensively again , make the masses love. Can add the new content constantly finally, create the new pattern. In recent years, a lot of knowledgeable people have participated in creating the pattern of the quality of many cities. 

The water chestnut of south lake

Comparatively special, because other water chestnut have horn generally, The chestnut of south of city of Jiaxing of Zhejiang is round have not horn, also called " the water chestnut of won ton ". Had already had more than 5,000 years. The thin meat of this kind of water chestnut peel is white, fresh and sweet and juicy, fragrant and suitable for reading. The Limit of Heat every year and then not in a large amount list,can both grow and eat and prepared food.

Where to Buy in Jiaxing

Zhongshan Road is a good place to do shopping in Jiaxing. In addition, there is a Honghe sweater market on the 320 National Road western suburbs of Jiaxing city, which is the largest sweater market in China, it is also the ideal place for tourists shopping on weekend.