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Shopping in Deqin

Because of the unique geographical location and complicated topography, there are a lot of medicinal herbs in Deqin County. So when travel to Deqin County, visitors can buy some medicinal herbs at local shops.

Cordyceps sinensis
There are Cordyceps sinensis which is a kind of rare an dprecious herb growing in highland grassland of 3,800 – 4,600 meters high of Meli Snow Mountain and Baimang Snow Mountain.

Deqin Tea
Snow Tea is a kind of tea leaves produced from Deqin County. The Snow Tea grows in areas of 3,600 meters high and above the sea level of cold temperature zone.

Matsutake grows in pine tree forest or brushwood under the elevation of 3,600 meters. It is a kind of edible food and is of great nutrition and values. Part of Matsutake produced in Deqin is exported to Japan and has been one of the important income resources for the local farmers.

The function of Fritillary is to relieve a cough and reduce phlegm. This herb grows in highlands, forests and valleys of 2,800 – 4,500 meters high.

Snow Lotus Herb
With great medicinal functions and grows in places in snow mountains of 4,000 meters high.