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Local Flavor Snacks

Shanghai flavor snacks are developed from local folk snacks and form the unique flavor of their own on the basis of absorbing the best of snacks all over the country. There are snacks which Shanghainese are fond of such as pancakes, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, soy bean milk and rice dumplings and also different kinds of steamed breads, steamed stuffed buns, noodles, porridges and soups. Among them the famous flavor snacks are as follows: Nanxiang steamed buns, Wufangzhai refreshment, Shendacheng four-season cake ball, Xiandelai New Year Cake stuffed with ribs, Lubolang crisp cake with ham and radish shred stuffings at Shanghai Town God’s Temple, etc. You can find the flavor snacks agreeable to your taste either in big streets and small alleys, or in the modern shopping centers, and you can taste very seasonable flavor snacks in different seasons.

Nanxiang Mantou
With the main feature of thin wrapping, tender stuffing, rich juice and delicious flavor, Nanxiang stuffing buns steamed in the small bamboo untensil are half transparent, with small and exquisite fingers. In the inner city, the Nanxiang steamed bun shops in the Yuyuan Tourist Mart and Guyi Garden in Xizang Zhonglu are famous for their remarkable Nanxiang streamed buns.