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OCT East Ticket 30% Off (Shenzhen)

OCT East Ticket 30% Off

OCT East
The OCT East is a big amusement park, located in Dameisha, Shenzhen with an area of almost 9 square kilometers.Exquisitely created by the OCT group, it is a national eco-tour demonstration zone and world-class holiday resort that incorporates two theme Parks, Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Huaxling Temple.

Knight Valley
You can take adventures in Knight Valley like those into the ocean or under the surface of the Earth and beyond.It is a fantastic earthly based utopia.

Tea Stream Valley
Tea Stream Valley is located between several peaks. You can take cable car and mountian train from Knight Valley to this lovely place. Large areas of flower farm, tea plantation, hotspring and a beautiful swan lake surrounded by resorts and suspension bridges can be found here.

The original price without discount is: RMB310. Our price is RMB180.

OCT East Ticket 30% Off

1. This ticket is an open ticket, valid till 31 December, 2017.

2. The original price of a combo package of Tea Stream Resort Valley, Knight Valley and New Tea Show is RMB310, Now this discount ticket is RMB180 / USD26

3. Please pay attention that the New Tea Show begins at 3:00PM at Grand Theater every day. Don't be late.

4. Please use your combo ticket to redeem your live show ticket at the entrance of Grand Theatre before 2:40PM.

5. This combo ticket is valid for foreign citizens only, you are required to show your passport upon park entrance.

6. This package is not applicable for Chinese citizens, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland Chinese residents.

7. Tickets can only be delivered to your hotel in Mainland China by SF express (downtown Shenzhen within 4 hours). You will pay in cash on ticket’s arrival.

Contact: Zhang Xiao Huang, Tel: 0755-82136186, Cel: 15013792675, WeChat: xiner9095

Ticket Delivery Contact: Li Shao Zhong, Cel: 13603016307

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