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Qingdao Night Life

Compared to other cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, Qingdao nightlife is a little different. Qingdao has hundreds of bars, clubs, KTVs, & Discos that are open until the wee hours of the morning with live entertainment, DJs, and Dancers.

The local people like to go to bars, KTVs, pubs, teahouse, bowling alley, badminton gym or malls. There are in total 54 cinemas and theaters, 6 museums and 12 libraries in Qingdao. 11 art troupes such as the Qingdao Theater, Qingdao Peking Opera Theater, HiSense Symphony Orchestra, QingdaoLu Opera Troupe and the XiaoBaiFan Juvenile Chorus,  enrich the cities cultural entertainment.

Nearby, the beer street is also worth a visit. If you want to enjoy your nightlife leisurely, theater, cinema and teahouse are good choices. The recommended ones are Wanda International Cinema, Qingdao Sifang Grand Theater and Shiwaitaoyuan Teahouse.

Qingdao International Beer Festival
Heats up at the end of each August, Qingdao International Beer Festival is a carnival for beer lovers. From the year of 1991 on, it celebrates the city's pride in beer brewing heritage annually. At the grand festival, beer tasting ceremonies, carnival rides, food, and games are magnets for visitors and beer manufacturers at home and abroad,

Night Market in Taidong Pedestrain Street
Another captivating place towards which both the locals and visitors flood is the night market. As the night sets in, peddlers turn up with all kinds of petty commodities at cheap prices. Visitors can also expect mouth-watering street snacks from the food stand dotting the pedestrain street.