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Jiujiang Night Life

When travel to Jiujiang city, Mount Lushan is the primary destination. And of course there many other attractions like the Poyang Lake, Longgong Cave, Xunyang Tower, Xiufeng Waterfall, Donglin Valley, etc.. But when you have enough time to stay at Jiujiang and get the chance to visit the downtown, there are some recommended nightlife places as follows:

Theatres & Concerts

Shili Cinema
Add: #323 East Qianjin Rd, Jiujiang
Tel: 8251375

Cinema of Wuning County
Add: #47 Renmin Rd, Xinnian Town, Jiujiang

Zhaoyang Cinema
Add: #49 Xunyang Rd, Jiujiang

Hongqi Cinema
Add: #13 Guxigeng, Jiujiang

People's Theater
Add: #46 Xunyang Rd, Jiujiang

Nanhu Theater
Add: Donghu District, Jiujiang
Tel: 4342615


Dio Café
Add: #218 Huangcheng Rd, Jiujiang
Tel: 8228888

Shangdao Café
Add: Xiyi Rd, Jiujiang

Yese Bar
Add: Puting Town, Dean County, Jiujiang

Fengwujiutian Bar
Add: Yining Town, Xiushui County, Jiujiang
Tel: 8119999