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Macau Entertainment & Shows

The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water is a water based production directed by the famous Franco Dragone who is well known for his work with Cirque du Soleil. The spectacular show has an amazing cast of acrobats, gymnasts, dancers, divers and stunt motorcyclists. The production took 5 years to develop and an investment of $250 million and since the shows debut in 2010 the production has now been performed over 1,000 times. Today The House of Dancing Water is one of the most sought after shows along the glamorous Cotai Strip.

The House of Dancing Water utilizes a unique theatre designed especially for the show. With a pool that harbors 3.6 million gallons of water, SFX fountains and a computer booth that can control and orchestrate the performance. Experience the magical 90 minute performance which is truly unforgettable.

Wynn Performance Lake

The Wynn Performance Lake is a great water spectacular located at the front of Wynn Macau Casino. The lake is made up of 370 water nozzles and shooters and over 1,540 lights. The fantastic water performance takes place every 15 minutes from 11:00PM until midnight. The 10 minute performance is accompanied with the latest music hits and wonderfully coordinated color lights. Admission is also free so make the most of your Macau tour by taking a trip to Wynn Macau.

MGM Aurora

The MGM Aurora Aquarium is certainly one of a kind, the inspiration for the aquarium comes from the marine culture and history of Macau. The main highlight of the MGM Aurora has to be the 8 meter tall Sky Aquarium which is located in the center of Aurora. The aquarium is filled with an Australian Blacktip Reef Shark, Emperor Red Snapper and a Round Faced Batfish from Hainan Province of China. The aquarium tank is surrounded by 6 coral columns and above is a grand draping chandelier.

Dragon’s Treasure

Dragon’s Treasure is a spectacular multimedia show at The City of Dreams. The show is held in The Bubble which is a theatre built in the shape of a dome, especially designed for Dragon’s Treasure. The show lasts 10 minutes and is based on the story of the Four Dragon Kings and the mysterious dragon pearl. Throughout the show you will be transported along with the four dragons into their mysterious world taking you through ice, volcanoes, tropics and solar entities.