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Xiangxi Tujia Dining

Xiangxi Tujia cusine is known for its salty, spicy and sour flavors. The meats used for cooking are usually salted and cured. The method of making the preserved meats are unique to the Tujia cuisine. 

Below are two types of food to look out for while in Xiangxi Tujia: 

Fenghuang Ginger Candy 

Ginger candy, the speciality in Fenghuang, has a history of more than a hundred years. Made by hand, ginger candy tastes crisp, sweet and spicy due to its main ingredients brown sugar, white sugar, ginger, sesame, tea oil and spring. Not only does it stimulate your appetite, but warm your stomach and prevent a cold.

Duck Stewed with Duck Blood and Sticky Rice

Duck stewed with duck blood and sticky rice is one of the most distinctive dishes in Xiangxi. Firstly soak the sticky rice in the water, then put it in a bowl. Second, kill the duck and let its blood drip into the rice so that the two can mix together. When the blood clots, steam it before setting it aside and cutting it into patches. Next, fry it with vegetable oil. Now stew the duck until it is well-done, and at this time place the blood and rice in the duck and add some condiments to it. When the dish is golden, you can try it immediately! It is indeed a rare delicacy that will impress you most!