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Wuxi Dining

Thanks to the Taihu Lake, which is China's third largest fresh water lake, Wuxi is also rich in aquatic products, especially whitebait, white shrimp and tullibee. Far removed from the big, butch, spicy dishes of Sichuan or Dongbei, Wuxi cuisine is petit and sweet. Iced fish, shrimp and crab are local specialties. Wuxi dim sums are a must-try, especially the "three-fresh" wonton, dumplings, square cakes, sugary taro, glutinous rice dumplings and turnip slice paste patties. There are endless options and dishes in Wuxi's food and cuisine

Wuxi Sweet and Salty Spare Ribs

Without question, these are the most popular dish in Wuxi. Spiced with ginger, anise, cloves and pepper, they are cooked in a savory stock of rice wine and soy sauce, served with a distinctive sweet red sauce. They are rich, so don’t bite off more than you can chew…

Bean Curd Casserole

This is a typical home-style dish that is enjoyed by local families, so popular that restaurants have adapted it to serve to customers. Bean curd, fresh vegetables chicken stock and seasonings are simmered until everything is soft and tender.

Crispy Silverfish

The bones in this fish are very small and quite soft, allowing for the fish to be eaten whole. They are battered with a spiced paste, and fried to golden brown. Yum!

Wuxi Roasted Duck

Wuxi roast duck dares to compete against the big player in the duck game, Peking Duck. Hung and dry smoked over the wood from local fruit trees, the meat is fragrant and zesty, and definitely competes with the more familiar Beijing specialty. It is served in much the same way, with pancakes and green onions, but with an ‘improved’ sauce.

Chong’an Temple Night Market Street Vendors

Snack carts tend to congregate here in the evenings, selling a wide variety of edibles that should appeal to almost everyone’s tastes.
Add: Chong’an District, Wuxi

Gongyuan Lu Huangting Food Street

Slightly pricey, the range of snacks here is complete, and the atmosphere is great, with old buildings and lots of hungry snackers.
Add: 2029 Chong’ansi Pedestrian Street, Chong’an District, Wuxi