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Qinghai Dining

Lamb Kebabs
Lamb Kebabs is a famous Qinghai local delicacy.Qinghai has great lamb.For the Lamb Kebabs are cheap, delicious and easy to make,it’s popular in all ethnic groups og Qinghai.

Lamb Kebabs are made of fresh lamb.Firstly, cut the meat into slice and skewer them to the iron sticks. Secondly, sprinkle the condiment such as soy sauces, refined salts, ginger powders, cayenne peppers and star aniseed powder on the meat.Then roast them in a tailor-made rectangular stove.Turning them all the time until their surfaces turn yellow,it’s done.It tastes very delicious.

 Qinghai Food

Rang Pi
Rang Pi is a traditional local food and visitors can found it everywhere of the city.Rang Pi has many raw materials, from mung bean noodles, sorghum flour to wheat flour, it seems that as long as the material is rich in starch, it can be selected.

Firstly,mix the flour with bit of Peng Hui,add water and made it a dough,then keeping washing it until it become alveolate,after that, steam it. Secondly,cut the steamed starch paste into strips.Then add the wheat glutens, vinegars, chili oils, mustards, leeks and garlic spreads into it.Finally,the delicious Rang Pi is done.
 Qinghai Food


Yogurt is a popular snack in Qinghai.It’s a nutritious summer drink,tasting sweet and sour.Yogurt is a well received cold drink on the plateau for the color white like ice cream,smooth like delicate skin, and taste like litchi.

The yoyurt in Xining is put in small bowls and are stacked with a piece of glass on each storey.The sugar is required for people’s own taste.

 Qinghai Food