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Qingdao Dining

Qinghai has a diverse food scene, headlined by the ubiquitous home town beer Tsingtao. Taking advantage of its adjacency to the sea and northern geographic position, household dishes in Qinghai feature seafood as the main material or flavourings.

Best Food in Qingdao

Bayu: Cooked using the excellent mackerels (Bayu),Yingzhou Bayu has a history of more than 50 years as a snack.Mackerel is useful in anemia, progeria, malnutrition, postpartum weakness, neurasthenia, etc. After a period of improvement and innovation, a series of Yingzhou Bayu combos was formed, offeringmulti-flavoured delight to those who tried. It's one of the famous Qingdao snacks.

Where to eat: Qingdao Hote (No. 66 Middle Xianggang Road)

Steamed Hongdao Oyster:The way to keep Steamed Hongdao Oyster original taste and flavour is cooked with oysters from Hongdao Island above strong fire.This snack is fresh, tender and nutritious and tastes good with ginger and vinegar.

Where to eat: Xiaohonglou Dining Center (No. 62 Biaoshan Road, Shibei District)

Guxiangcun Noodles with Prawn: The key to make the tasty soup and chewy noodles is to choose the local prawn and noodles with gravyand savour.

Where to eat: Guxiangcun Noodle Shop (No. 78 Henan Road)

Grilled Squid: After the fishy smell has been removed, the squid will then be salted and roasted. The finished Squid is spicy and fresh.

Where to eat: Meidaer Barbecue Restaurant and Wangjie Barbecue Restaurant. These two roast restaurants have many branches in Qingdao, mostly along Zhongshan Road.

Tsingtao Beer in bags: though it sounds a little bit quirky, don't be surprised as you find people in the street of Qingdao drinking beer in bags. Beer liquid is kept in a sealed big container and pressed out to to served in bags. Different from canned beer, it tastes sweeter with a fresher touch.

Recommended Food Outlets

Pichaiyuan:Pichaiyuan was a well-known food street in the 1930s and 1940s. It also the place where the folk cultures flourished with various traditional Chinese operas and performances. Specialty dishes in this area include like Pichaiyuan Jellied Bean Curd, Pichaiyuan Dumpling, Roast Seafoods, Manman Barbecue, Laoweixian Chaotianguo, Xu Ding Dishes, Penglai Dumpling Stuffed with Bayu (mackerel), Fuhonglou Fish with Pickled Vegetable, Erduowen Fried Rice Cake, etc.

Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road Food Block: Located at the northern side of the most popular coastal scenic area, this food block consists of Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road.Here you can taste not only the authentic Shandong Cuisine based on seafood but also other Chinese foods, and even Korean and Japanese food.

Other Food Streets: Apart from the above food streets, Eighth Taidong Road and Damaidao Food Street are also good places to taste delicious foods.