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Junshan Dining

Junshan Yinzhen, is a kind of yellow tea produced at Junshan Island. It is considered as one of the ten Chinese Famous Teas and has gained great popularity in tea drinkers. Junshan Yinzhen is fine in the shape of sharp needles. This is why it is called Yinzhen which means silver needles in Chinese. This kind of tea has the exquisite yellow color with fresh fragrance. The color of the tea is in the melon yellow and it tastes very luscious.

The best way to make the Junshan Yinzhen tea is using transparent glasses. Get a glass, fill with hot water, put some Junshan Yinzhen into the glass. Then you see the Yinzhen leaves all dancing together from the bottom to the top, then gradually sink to the bottom again. And tea water gradually become yellowish orange. Take a sip, and enjoy the pleasant tea.