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Jiujiang Dining

Jiujiang cuisine is an important part of the Gan cuisine. Dishes of Jiujiang cuisine focuses on the flavor of spicy, crisp and tender. Dishes of Jiujiang usually take the original local specialty as materials to get a fresh and unique flavor. There are famous dish of shrimp cooked by soup made by the fragrant Lushan Tea, dishes made with bream and catfish from the Poyang Lake, and other delicious dishes made with local mushrooms and chestnut.

Jiujiang Tea Cake

The origin of Jiujiang tea cake is dated back to Song Dynasty. It is ranked as one the four Famous Cakes of Jiangxi. The selective materials include tea seed oil, wheat powder, black sesame, and osmanthus flowers from the hundred-year-old trees. The crisp cake skin and sweet fillings make the cake a delicious snack and nice gift.