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Jiaxing Dining

Jiaxing food specializes in the Jiangnan dishes which combines Hangbang Cuisine with Hu Cuisine. With a long history, Jiaxing local food has evident features of south China, particularly of both Hangzhou cuisines and Shanghai cuisine. Local delicacies including the South Lake crabs, Wu Fang Zhai rice dumplings, Wen-Hu Spaciality Duck have special favors. It is a must for travelers to have a taste.

There are a series of delicacies, such as Nanhu (South Lake) Crab, Wufangzhai Zongzi (rice dumplings), Wenhujiangya (sauce duck) and so on. All these can be found in the Zhongshan Road where locates the snack street. Wufangzhai Zongzi restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Jiaxing and located in Jianguo Middle Road. Yet its fame leaves you no need to worry about the price. In fact, the consumption here is very cheap.

Restaurants in Jiaxing

Secret Recipes in Jiaxing
Address: 666 East Zhongshan Road | 3rd Floor, Xuhui Mall 

Vegetarian Garden
Address: 808 San Yuan Rd 

Zhenzhen Laolao
Address: No.81 North Zhengyuan Road

Local Food in Jiaxing

Jiaxing Crab Spawn Bun

It is one of the representative snacks in Zhejiang area. Mainly made of the South Lake giant crab spawn, fresh and tender pork, high-quality flour etcetera, not only does the bun tastes nice but also it is full of vitamin A and kinds of nutritious elements.
Jiaxing Crab Spawn Bun

Jiaxing Wufangzhai Rice Dumpling
It is a kind of pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. Wufangzhai is now famous home and abroad mainly attributes to its rice dumplings. The dedicate patterns, the various kinds of stuffs, the unforgettable taste, the ravishing fragrance of the bamboo leaves have made millions of customers lingering. 
Jiaxing Wufangzhai Rice Dumpling