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Hong Kong Dining

Eating in Hong Kong is simply one of the most delicious experiences you can have! There are so many famous restaurants and street snacks that you simply have to try! 

Top Hong Kong Cuisine   

If you are on a tour of Hong Kong, never fail to bite into Dim Sum, the tasty collection of delicacies served in bamboo steamers, or crisp Peking Duck carved at your table. Be sure to try Jumbo Restaurant, counted among the world's most luxurious floating restaurant. And Hong Kong also holds Ocean City Restaurant and Night Club, which seats more than 4800 people.

Dim Sum
Dim Sum is the most famous in the long list of dishes in a Hongkong meal. Impressively shaped, bite-size portions of dumplings with lightly seasoned fillings of meat and seafish, fluffy buns with various fillings and glutinous rice - all deliciously steamed - just ignite the tastebuds.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot is best savored with a pot of tea. Served in little bamboo steamers or pretty plates, dim sum is light in content. It is a favorite dish of the Chinese. There are few better ways to pass time than eating some bites of Hot Pot accompaniements and drinking the soup.

Hong Kong is best known for Chinese menu, specially Cantonese style of cuisine. Cantonese people give very much attention to the freshness of their food. This cooking is lighter to some extent than most regional Chinese cuisine.

Preparation methods usually involve stir-frying in shallow water or oil in a wok. Flavors and nutrition of the food is preserved as cooking time is short. Much oil is not consumed for steaming vegetable and fish. Ingredients like ginger, garlic, onion, vinegar, and sugar are used for preparing sauces.

To find authentic Indian cuisine is not tough in Hongkong. Restaurants serving dishes like 'tanduri chicken' and 'naan' abound in the island. Recipe in these restaurants is affordable and satisfying. A conventional method of Indian cooking is the roasting of meats and poultry in a oven, which is made of clay. Indians are fond of savoring the food cooked in Tandoori style and Hong Kong fulfils their need. All other popular varities of Indian food are also available in Hong Kong.

Southeast Asian
Cuisine connected to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore is known as Southeast Asian food. Flavor of all Southeast Asian foods is to less or more extent similar. There are minor differences in the spices and and the way they are used.

People from this region are present in Hong Kong in good numbers and this reflects in the popularity of Southeast Asian food.

Western style of food is particulary popular in the young generation of Hong Kong. Number of restaurants prepare mouth-watering Western cuisine. Fast food joints are abundant in Hong Kong. Brands like McDonald's and Burger King are present in every corner of Hongkong. These joints are specially patronised by office-goers, who can get a quick and filling diet at lunchtime here.

Hawker Food
Hawkers register their presence in every Asian country and they are there in Hong Kong too. Visitors can savour varieties of hawker food along the streets and night markets. Popular dishes sold by these hawkers are wantan noodle, beef noodle, soy bean curd and fishballs on sticks.