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Harbin Dining

Local Food

Influenced by the food styles of Russia and the minorities, Harbin food roughly are categorized into two parts: First, what makes a promise that you can try the most authentic Northeastern food for definitely sure. Compared to the southern cuisines, the Northeastern cuisine, mainly stewed, tends to be salty with a rather big volume of content for one dish.

It looks like comparative lack of exquisite for all the ingredients are chopped into big chumps laying in the plate without appropriate order. But after try it, all sorts of liquid seasonings are blended evenly, and beautifully marinated into every piece of the food materials. When you come to Harbin in winter, you want to try the typical Harbin food seeing how those specialties keep natives warm against the freezing weather dropping to -30℃ to -40℃ in some extreme situations.

From the view of the development history of Harbin, Harbin and Russia share a lot commons in food styles due to the indissoluble bound between both of them. Many famous delicacies, for example braised beef with potato, are imported from Russia with several changes on the recipes therefore Harbin cuisine has a lot derrived from Russia.

The most suitable places to enjoy a Russian meal gather in Central Street altogether for your choice. In addition, it is unbelievable to not try some Russian Dalieba bread which perfectly goes with every meal and tea time. Going for some western food, recommended restaurants are: Huamei in Central Street (dedicate to Russian food), Portman near Carrefour (major in French cuisine), Masca on the third floor of Grand Shopping Centre (specialize in Italian food) and Modern Commercial Business Hotel in Center Street.

Besides the required experience of Russian food, which is considered elegance and a way to show off one’s dignity, the snack food in Harbin leads to another course ranging from BBQ, smoked meat and braised meat. On the both sides of Jingyu Street, a couple of time-honored brands still thrive by the well-regarded productions and enthusiastic service. Dumplings from Fanji Yong, braised meat from Zhang Fei and big spare ribs from Grandma, there isa story behind every signature snacks waiting for you to explore.