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Wuyuan Weather and Climate

Wuyuan has a moderate and moist subtropical monsoon climate. It has distinct four seasons. Springs and autumns are relatively short, summers and winters are long. The annual average temperature in Wuyuan is 16.8℃. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 28℃. Wuyuan has rich rainfalls with a volume of 1962.3mm. As Wuyuan is located at mountainous area with many hills and dense forests, it has less sunshine but many foggy days.


Spring is from March to May. The weather in Wuyuan during the spring is mild, but quiet foggy. So long sleeves jacket and jeans are recommended. Also bring an umbrella.

Spring is the best time to visit Wuyuan, especially from late March to mid-May when it is prime to see the golden rape flowers. Moreover, the idyllic beauty from the bright azaleas and green tea plants are also wonderful to enjoy. But at this high season, hotel prices can be high and scenic spots crowded. So it is advised to avoid weekends and the Labor’s Day holiday.


Summers are very hot in Wuyuan. The average temperature in the hottest July is 28℃, even there occurs the extreme high temperature of 41℃. Four tourists traveling to Wuyuan during the summer shorts, T-shirts, and skirts are recommended. Sun blocks and sunglasses are necessary.

The summer of Wuyuan is green and peaceful. The harmonious picture of the green mountains and plants, crystal waters, and the white walls and grey tiles is wonderful to see.


Wuyuan would have rich rainfalls during the autumn, but autumn is a great time to see the poetic Wuyuan. When in late autumn, Wuyuan presents the beautiful landscape of colorful fall foliage and golden fields. It is wise to wear light sweater and trousers when traveling to Wuyuan in the autumn.


Winter days in Wuyuan are cold and it snows sometimes. Rains are often seen in Wuyuan during the winter, so it is wise to bring a pair of rain boot and umbrella when traveling to Wuyuan in winter. Prepare warm coats, sweaters and jeans.

Winter is the low season for tourism in Wuyuan, but the serene Wuyuan during the winter is very special and charming.

Best time to visit Wuyuan

Though Wuyuan can be visited at any time, spring is the best time when the rape flowers are in full bloom. Public holidays including the Labor’s Day and China’s National Day are advised to avoid.