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Huangshan Weather and Climate

Located in the south of Anhui Province, Huangshan City belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate. People there will experience four distinctive seasons and moderate and moist climate. It has plentiful rainfall here and annual precipitation is about 1,000 millimeter. The annual average temperature of Huangshan is about 16°C.

The famous Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot falls closely to the Ocean Climate.It has gorgeous sceneries and is suitable to travel during the four season. Its annual temperature is 7.8°C and annual precipitation is 2359 millimeters.

March to May is Spring.The brilliantly blooming flowers and fresh, crisp air are features of spring in the Yellow Mountains. Huangshan has its seasonal good points all year round. It is mostly rainy, misty and cloudy.

Prepare shirts, sweaters and overcoats for temperatures are lower when you climb up higher altitudes. It’s convenient to wear layers which can easily be taken on and off when you climb or hike on the mountain.

June to September is Summer which is high season of the tourist. It’s cool and tranquil on the mountain in the clouds. Even though, you should get burnt when the clouds clear.

From May to August are the wettest months with a foot (300mm) or more of rain each. It’s the best time to enjoy the Sea of Clouds which is one of the famous four features of the mountain (the other three are the oddly-shaped pines, grotesque rocks and hot springs).

During summer thunderstorms, it is not suggested to use umbrellas for safety concerns; raincoats are preferable.Prepare summer clothes, sun protection and a jacket for the night when the temperature gets lower.

This season is most comfortable and the scenery is stunningly beautiful . Yellow Mountain is one of the best places to enjoy autumn foliage in China.The pines of course retain their verdant needles.

The first week of October is another high season, being a national holiday, so Mount Huangshan is more crowded and it costs a bit more to travel and stay at hotels. Prepare shirts, sweaters and overcoat for the season.

Winter is freezing up on the mountain but the snowscapes is spectacular. This is a low season.The mountainside is much less crowded and much cheaper than usual.
Prepare warm winter clothes, including fleece or down.

Hope this information about climate can help your Huangshan tour.

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