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Harbin Weather and Climate

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang province and is famous for its ice and snow, hence its name “Ice City”. Harbin enjoys a relatively cold climate with four distinct seasons. The winter weather is very frigid and windy, which turns this northern city into a winter wonderland. In contrast to the bitter cold winters, summer is filled with temperate sunny days.


Spring in Harbin is the shortest season beginning in late March and lasts till the end of April. The average temperature is about 10°C. The weather is also very dry and windy so a warm coat and jumpers, sweaters and trousers should be packed for a visit to Harbin.


Summer in Harbin is hot and humid with July being the hottest month. The average high temperature is 30°C and at night the temperatures can fall to an average 18°C. The summer season lasts between June and August with most of the rainfall occurring in July.


Between September and November is autumn with the first snow fall occurring in mid October. The average high temperature in September is between 9°C - 20°C. By October the average temperature is -6°C – 12°C and in November the temperatures are below freezing at an average -11°C – -6 °C.


Winter is extremely cold in Harbin with temperatures dropping to below minus -30°C. The winter season is dry and bitter with harsh winds.

Best Time to Visit Harbin

The best time to visit Harbin is during the winter when the Ice and Snow Festival takes place. To prepare for travels during the winter pack a warm coat and snow boots. Also don’t forget hats and gloves for outdoors as insulation is vital for the harsh winter weather.