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Hangzhou Weather and Climate

Hangzhou is located in northwestern Zhejiang province, eastern China, at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China, on the plain of the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The prefecture-level region of Hangzhou extends west to the border with the hilly-country Anhui Province, and east to the flat-land near Hangzhou Bay. The city center is built around the eastern and northern sides of the West Lake, just north of the Qiantang River.

Hangzhou climate is humid subtropical with four distinctive seasons, characterized by short and rainy spring, hot and humid summer, cool and clear autumn and cloudy and dry winter (with occasional snow). Hangzhou City is suitable for travel all year round, but the best time for Hangzhou travelling is autumn. 

The mean annual temperature is 16.5 °C (61.7 °F), with monthly daily averages ranging from 4.3 °C (39.7 °F) in January to 28.4 °C (83.1 °F) in July. The Hangzhou city receives an average annual rainfall of 1,450 millimeters (57.1 in) and is affected by the plum rains of the Asian monsoon in June. In late summer (August to September), Hangzhou, along with other cities in Zhejiang province, suffer typhoon storms, but typhoons seldom strike it directly. Generally they make landfall along the southern coast of Zhejiang, and affect Hangzhou with winds and stormy rain. 

What to Wear 

Spring & Fall: There is a relatively large temperature difference between morning and evening.Take a few simple short-sleeved clothes and a light jacket as well.Shoes should be a comfortable sports shoes, flat shoes appropriate. Best not to wear new shoes travel.

Summer: Bring some absorbent, breathable cotton clothing. Recommend Gas-penetrating function better shoes.

Winter: It is recommended to bring along insulated clothing, preferably wearing a down jacket, or thick coat. Shoes with cotton-padded shoes is appropriate, if you do not wear cotton-padded shoes, it is recommended to wear cotton socks.