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Guilin Weather and Climate

Located in low altitude and at the southwest of Nan Mountains, Guilin has a sub-tropical humid monsoon climate which is featured with mild climate and rich rainfall. Summers in Guilin are quite long, hot and humid, while winters are short and mild. The annual average temperature in Guilin is 19.3℃, the hottest July has a monthly average temperature of 28℃ and January has the lowest monthly average temperature of 7.9℃. Guilin has much rich rainfall and the annual perception is 1,900mm.


The spring of Guilin falls in March to May. Springs in Guilin are warm with the increasing of rainfalls. April and May, especially May have heavy rainfalls.

Though rainy, spring is a popular season to visit Guilin. The Li River in rainy days shrouded in mist are especially charming. The many karst peaks with colorful flowers are also great places to enjoy.


The summer of Guilin is from June to August. Summers are relatively long, and also very humid and hot. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 28℃.

Though the weather is quite hot, summer is the peak season to visit Guilin. Green mountains and verdant peaks are highlights to see. Those fascinating caves with peculiar stalagmites and stone formations are great places to escape the summer heat.

Summer is the rainy season, especially June has much rainfall, so an umbrella is always a must when traveling to Guilin. Sun block and sunglasses are necessities in summer. Wear summer clothes such as shorts, T-shirts, and skirts. A pair of comfortable sneaks are recommended for tourists desiring the Li River hiking.


Guilin’s autumn ranges from September to November. Weather at this season are quite cool and pleasant, but can be very dry.

Temperatures in day and night can be very large, remember to bring warm coats.


Winter is from December to January. January is coldest month with an average temperature of 7.9℃. It rarely snow in Guilin, but winter can be quite cold with dampness.

Winter is the low season for Guilin traveling. But it would be a great time for tourists wanting to experience the Chinese Spring Festival in Guilin. Also it is comparatively cheap to travel to Guilin in winter. Prepare warm clothes such as thick jackets, sweaters, and scarves.

Best time to visit Guilin

The best time to travel to Guilin is from April to October. It is highly recommended to avoid China’s two public holidays, the May Day and National Day.