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Dali Weather and Climate

Spring of Dali

There is one sentence in the lyrics represents the Dali city yunnan climate“The scenery of Dali in March is perfect”. Weather in Dali spring is pleasant .From Late February to May, the range of temperatures is 9.5-24.1ºC (49.1-75.4ºF).

But the daily temperature exchange still exist, Take jacket and layered clothes with you to prevent cold current in spring weather in Dali.

Choosing the spring as your travel date for Dali is a wise choice as the Dali weather is fine to take part in the special local festivals.There are many local festivals of the minority (Bai people) during March. If you travel to Dali in March, you may feel the highlight minority features of Yunnan province.

Summer of Dali

The Dali weather in summer is cool as the wind breeze and the sun is not so scorching. The summer weather in Dali (May to October) is the rainy season.The temperature in summer of Dali doesn’t climb up too much.The hottest Dali weather is 26.6ºC in July. For situated on a high plateau, the weather in Dali tends to be cooler than more low-lying regions, such as neighboring Kunming, about 315 km to the east. Rainfall of the rainy season is 85-95% of the entire year rainfall in Dali.

Remember to take umbrella with you during your Dali tour in summer.Besides,you can bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion to prevent damage from the strong ultraviolet radiation.

Autumn of Dali

For the rainfall reduce while cool wind blow. The temperature varies from 6.8-22.6 ºC (44.2-72.7ºF).The autumn weather in Dali is cool and pleasant .

when traveling to mountain areas like the Lugu Lake, you ‘d better take more clothes for the very early morning and midnight hours , a trousersis suggested to protect the biting from the insects.

You can go all around spots for travelling for good weather condition of Dali in autumn. A tour to Dali Ancient Town will give you a chance to get close to the simple and historical ancient town and sense the friendliness of local people there.

Winter of Dali

The coldest winter temperature of Dali weather is 3.4ºC in January. Dali winter is dry with little rainfall only 21.8-48.6mm.So Dali climate in winter is keep away from severe cold.

You need layered clothing, or jackets and sweaters early in the morning and some warm clothes for cooler evenings for the daily temperature variation in winter of Dali weather tending to be greater than the seasonal variation in temperature,

Warmer weather in Dali makes it a good destination for winter Dali tour. Except some lake areas where the temperatures are lower and affected by the strong lake wind,you still can go to all the famous sights in Dali 

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