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Chengdu Weather and Climate

Chengdu has a mild and humid monsoon subtropical climate, which is featured with four distinct seasons. Chengdu has an annual average temperature of 16 °C, with the lowest monthly average temperature of 5.6°C in January and the highest of 25°C in July.


Springs in Chengdu are relatively long and warm, while summers are quite hot and humid. Because Chengdu is located on the plain and surrounded by mountains, the city is distinctively featured with a lack of sunshine. Therefore, winters in Chengdu are especially dreary and cold.


Summer of Chengdu usually begins between September and June. The hottest months of summer are July and August where temperatures can reach above an average high of 30°C and the lowest temperatures are about 22°C. The rain season is mostly concentrated in July and August. Summer is the best time to visit Mount Qingcheng and Mount Emei.


Autumn is the best time to visit Chengdu to see the fall foliage especially at Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Scenic Area. Generally speaking autumn in Chengdu is between October and November. Although scenery is at its best during the autumn season the temperatures are much lower with the average temperature reaching 16°C and the lowest temperature at 9°C.


Winter in Chengdu is rather damp and cloudy without much sunshine. The average temperature is about 10 °C and there is often rainfall during the winter. It is best to be prepared for the cold weather of Chengdu by packing warm clothes.

Best Season to Visit Chengdu

The best time to visit Chengdu is either spring or autumn when the scenery at the nature reserves is at its best and temperatures are much milder and is great for those who want to see fall foliage. For spring and autumn warm clothes should be packed for the drop in temperatures between night and day.