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Beijing Weather and Climate

Beijing is located in the warm temperature zone and has a continental climate. Annual rainfall averages nearly 700 millimeters, most of it comes in July and August. The frost-free period is 185 days. The average temperature throughout the whole year is 11.7 ° C. The average temperature of the hottest months is 27 ° C and the coldest average months are about -4.6 ° C. The four seasons in Beijing are distinct. Winter is dry and cold and has little snow whereas summer is hot and rainy.


Spring (Feb – Apr) is one of the most pleasant seasons to visit Beijing with weather being cooler but not too cold. However, weather is relatively dry and the weather contrast between night and day varies with an average of 10 ° C difference. There are also frequent sand storms known as spring dust during the spring season.


Summer (May-Sept) is hot in Beijing with the occasional rainstorms, the average temperature in the summer is around 34 ° C. There is also an estimated precipitation that the summer accounts for 70% of Beijing’s rainfall.


Autumn (Sept-Oct) is said to be the golden season to visit Beijing as this is the season when the weather is at its best. Temperatures are much milder and it is the best season to catch the autumn fall.


Winter (Oct – Mar) in Beijing is the longest season where temperatures plummet to below zero. Winter in Beijing is relatively dry but bitterly cold if you plan on visiting during winter you must wrap up warm.