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Baotou Weather and Climate

Baotou is located in Inner Mongolia and has a semi-arid climate which is characterized by long dry and cold winters. Baotou has four distinct seasons but weather during the night and day can vary drastically.


Spring in Baotou is when the temperatures vary greatly between night and day. There are also frequent dust storms during this season. Spring begins in March and ends in May.


Between July and August there is the most rainfall. Though temperatures can rise to above 30°C the summer season is still pleasant overall. By night the temperatures fall again so it’s best to bring enough warm clothing for the night.


Autumn is the best season to visit Baotou and is when the weather is most pleasant. The majority of autumn is sunny without rain and the average temperature is about 20°C. However, there are still temperature differences once night approaches with the average night temperature at about 8°C.


Winter in Baotou is extremely cold with temperatures plummeting to below -20°C. The grasslands are covered in snow and frozen over. However, visiting Baotou during winter is still an unforgettable experience as there is many winter activities available.

Best Time to Visit Baotou

The best time to visit Baotou is still during autumn when weather is much milder and the prime time to see the amazing fall foliage scenery. Although autumn is not too cold it is still best to take along a warm coat and clothes for when the night become cooler.