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Yunnan is one of the most spectacular places to visit with wonderful sightseeing and diverse culture. There are so many options in terms of tourism: destinations like Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-la. Some of the most famous attractions of Yunnan are Erhai Lake, Lugu Lake, Stone Forest and Tiger Leaping Gorge. What makes Yunnan all the more appealing are the many ethnic groups which highlights the colorful culture of the province. 


Yunnan province is located in the southwest corner of China. It is adjacent to Vietnam in the northwest, Laos in the south and Burma in the west. It also borders Guangxi province and Guizhou province in the east, Sichuan province in the north, the Tibet Autonomous Region in the northwest. The beautiful Kunming city serves as its capital. Yunnan has an area of 394,000 square kilometers.

Geography and climate

Topography in Yunnan province varies greatly due to the high contrast of altitudes in different terrains. Yunnan is mountainous in general, especially in the northern and western regions as there are the Kawagebo Peak and distinctive canyons. The famous Three Parallel Rivers lie at the west. The plateaus eastern region features hills with many scattered basins.

Yunnan enjoys warm winter and cool summer because of the influence of subtropical highland and humid subtropical climate. 


Culture in Yunnan is distinctively remarked as highly diversed because Yunnan is home to the largest number of minority ethnic groups in China. The characterized folk cultures of the 51 ethnic groups contribute to a kaleidoscopic world of Yunnan. Some famous ethnic groups are the Mosuo People, Dongba, Dai People, Yi and Bai People.

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The Most Popular Destinations in Yunnan

The Most Popular Attractions in Yunnan