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Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is one of the five ethnic autonomous regions in China. It is located in the northwest China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. It is adjacent to province of Gansu to the south, Shaanxi to the east and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous to the north. It has a land area of 66,000 square kilometers. It gets Ning as the abbreviation and Yinchuan as the capital city.

Geography and climate

Terrain of Ningxia is long and narrow in directions of the north and the south. Elevation is high in the south and low in the north, and gets a great difference in the west. Plateaus and mountains intricate in Ningxia, with Helan Mountain bounded in the north and Liupan Mountain in the south. The great Yellow River run through the whole Ningxia and has formed the beautiful and rich Yinchuan Plain. There are also deserts in Ningxia, like the famous Tengger desert.

Ningxia has a continental climate which is featured with short, hot summers and long, cold winters. Temperature there is lowest in January and highest in July.


Located in the Silk Road, Ningxia had been the main place for trade and transportation between the eastern and western regions of China during the ancient time of the Tang and Han Dynasties. And as the area where the Yellow River running through, Ningxia had been one the cradle for the ancient Yellow River Civilization. When history dated back to the year of 1028 when Xi Xia Dynasty was established in the region of Ningxia, there cultivated the unique Xi Xia culture. Today, Ningxia is a region settled with many ethnic groups and people of different religions, among which Hui people and Muslim take the primary position. With a long history and a diverse culture, there are many historic and cultural sites in Ningxia.


With a long history of ancient civilization, the peculiar landscapes, unique local customs and habits, historic and cultural places of interest, and exotic Western region styles, Ningxia has been a unique tourist destination. There you can visit the Haibao Pagoda which is 1500 years old, and the West Xia Imperial Tombs which are famed as the "Pyramids of China", or enjoy the Helan Mountains Cliff Painting, the Sand Lake Scenic Resort, Shapotou, or experience a cameral riding in the desert.
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The Most Popular Destinations in Ningxia

The Most Popular Attractions in Ningxia