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Liaoning Province is situated in the southern part of southeast China with Liao as its abbreviation and Shenyang city as the capital. It neighbors the Bohai Gulf and Yellow Sea to the south, the Korean Peninsula to the southeast, Jilin province in the northeast, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northwest, Hebei province in southwest and facing DPRK across Yalu River. Liaoning covers a land area of 145,900 square kilometers.

Geography and climate

General geography in Liaoling province is high in the north and low in the south, declining from the mainland to the seaside. Region of Liaoning is divided into three areas of the eastern hills, western highlands and central plains.

Climate of Liaoning is featured by continental monsoon climate of distinct seasonal alterations with long, cold winters, short, warm summers, and short springs and autumns.


Culture is Liaoning is highly developed with rich cultural forms. Beijing Opera is quite popular in Liaoning. And Pingju, Liaoju, Er Ren Zhuan, Cross-talk, Storytelling, Yangge, Stilts and sketches are all popular cultural and artistic performance forms in Liaoning, among which its sketches are widely famous in China. Liaoning is a province with 44 ethic nationalities which have done great to its diversified cultures.


Liaoning has a rich possessions in tourist resources, especially at historic and cultural sites, and natural landscapes. Famous attractions are the Mount Qianshan, the Yalu River, Jinshitan Beanch, Dalin Beach, Mount Fenghuang, the water cave in Benxi, the Mukden Palace, Anshan Jade Buddha.
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The Most Popular Destinations in Liaoning

The Most Popular Attractions in Liaoning