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Dongting Lake

 Junshan Attractions

Dongting Lake is located in the northern part of Hunan Province and the south of Jingjiang River. It covers a land area of 2,820 square kilometers and is the second largest freshwater lake in China. The name of Hunan and Hubei Provinces are derived from their location to this lake. Dongting Lake has been a famous hot tourism attraction in Hunan Province by its magnificent view, clear water, surrounded picturesque scenery and historic sites.

Donting Lake is a multifunctional lake to be used for irrigation, shipping, fishing, water supply, water collection, climate regulation and environment beautification. It has fertile lands with the temperate climate and abundant rainfalls to be one of the important production bases for commodity grain, freshwater fish, cotton and fiber.

The beautiful scenery of Dongting Lake has attracted many people visiting there. This lake is in a vast size and in the far side the lake and the sky merges as one color. It is surrounded by green mountains in three sides and opens a huge mouth in the north. Under the glow of the sunshine, a breeze comes across; you see green waves shine near to the far side. You can enjoy different unique views at the four seasons. Within the Dongting Lake Scenic Area, there are many attractive and famous scenic spots such as the grand Yueyang Tower, the charming Junshan Island, Chenglingji, Du Fu's Tomb, Qu Yuan Temple and so on.

There are rich species and resources in Dongting Lake. Famous products from the lake include whitebait, ramie, Junshan Yinzhen and Xiang lotus seeds. It is free to visit the Dongting Lake, but will charge 30 RMB if you want a cruise tour. The best season to visit is summer and autumn.

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